Taking It To The Streets!

Parades workshop




Taking It To The Streets!

Parades workshop

Street parades are a colourful, joyful celebration of why it’s fun to be human! Through singing, chanting, blowing, bowing, banging and clanging together, outdoors in vibrant costumes, the line between audience and participant performer dissolves...street parades have an infectious, irresistible attraction to all who experience them!

For more than three decades Lyndal and Strat have had the enormous pleasure of having led and participated in innumerable street and festival parades. They have learnt that community parades are a powerful and inclusive way of developing a sense of group identity and common purpose through participation and sharing.

With their wealth of experience, Lyndal and Strat are guaranteed to facilitate all of this and more...they’ve got the colours, they’ve got the moves, they’ve got the sounds and they’ve got the experience to get everyone involved!

Lyndal and Strat have also loved working on Cross Arts Projects, using all their creative, visual, theatrical and musical skills and experiences. (Eg: Latrobe Space and Place)

Parade Bands

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