Shed Your Fear, Trust Your Ear!

Instrumental workshop




Shed Your Fear, Trust Your Ear!

Instrumental workshop

Lyndal and Strat have long been practitioners of Australian, Irish and Scottish and American music genres...from Bushdance tunes, jigs and reels, Appalachian old time and swing styles. They have been extremely fortunate to have travelled widely and immersed themselves in musical cultures around the world, learning that the social function of music transcends the importance of virtuosity.

As multi instrumentalists themselves, they are able to provide support and guidance for most string, free reed, woodwind and brass players, with an understanding of the use of percussion.

In their workshops they emphasise groove, feel, style (including traditional context) and the importance of listening. They generally teach music aurally (supported by musical notation as needed) as much of the music they use is from aural musical traditions.

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