Big Picture – Leadership – Team Building

Talking ‘Values’ workshop




Big Picture – Leadership – Team Building

Talking ‘Values’ workshop

Making shared values explicit is important for cohesive groups, for team building and sustainability. Lyndal and Strat love to listen and share ideas about what makes groups work well; to tease out issues and acknowledge that sometimes our notions can bump up against one another’s in uncomfortable ways.

Group leadership is endlessly evolving with many different roles and individuals coming together in any one group to make things tick over. Identifying all the leadership potential and resources from within a group can make groups more successful, inclusive and fun!

Lyndal and Strat’s teaching backgrounds give them many resources for making these sorts of workshops varied, stimulating and engaging, usually including practical arts and/or music making.

They have experience in working with established and emerging leaders and groups as well as facilitating ‘trouble shooting’ forums.

Lyndal and Strat have been successful in applying the community music team building model to other settings, getting disparate groups to work cooperatively on creative projects.

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