All instruments, all abilities, all comers.

Everybody In! workshop




All instruments, all abilities, all comers.

Everybody In! workshop

The ‘Ensemble’ format provides an opportunity for everyone in the workshop to come together in one glorious coordinated cacophony!

There is a place for all instruments (including voice) to join in and for all skill levels to be accommodated. Everyone is encouraged to give it a go! For the experienced musician, there is the chance for section leadership and improvised solos

With years of experience of instrumental and singing leadership, Lyndal and Strat bring infectious enthusiasm and a sense of fun as well as a deep understanding of the role, range, transpositions and technical limitations of different instruments.

Their combined backgrounds in music education have enabled satisfying experiences for mixed ability groups.

They draw their material from a wide range of sources with folky sounds being a particular passion, using all the elements of music. Whether singing or playing they enjoy creating a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere with a rewarding experience for participants of all skills and abilities.

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