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Brian “Strat” Strating

Strat is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has performed and taught in the Australian music scene for more than 30 years. He is passionate about engaging and empowering people in the joy of music making and exploring our identity through music and song.

“Because music is a universal language, we've been able to experience the incredible power it has to connect people through celebrating identity and culture. There’s a lot of similarity in jamming with Berbers under a full moon in Morocco and with fiddlers on the Surf coast of Victoria!”

He is a trained teacher and the originator of significant community music groups including Homebrew Verandah Singers (a men’s singing group based in Melbourne) and the Brunswick Old Time String Orchestra (with Andy Baylor) to name just two of many.

Currently a member of Jugularity, and leader of Invy Horn Jam and Boomulele, Strat has performed around the world and at major festivals in Australia with various ensembles including Boola Boola, Kwela Swingsters, Grand Junction, Great Southern Band and others.

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Lyndal Chambers

Lyndal counts herself lucky to have grown up within the folk tradition and has a keen understanding of the power of music to transform lives and communities. Performing on trombone and button accordion she is a performer, community music maker, leadership facilitator, singing leader and music teacher from Gippsland (with a stint in Melbourne)

Lyndal has worked as Project Manager on a number of Community Music Victoria’s projects including: ‘StreetSounds’ and most recently (with Jane Coker) ‘Growing Community Music’. She considers some of her most rewarding and important work to be enabling widespread participation in grass roots music making.

“I love the shared feeling of joy when we step into the musical space together – and to give people that gift.”

Professionally trained as a music and drama teacher and a performer with varied folk ensembles including Boola Boola, Kwela Swingsters and street band Havana Palava among others, she also initiated and directed the Gippsland A Cappella Festival and has worked on a number of cross arts projects.

Strat&Lyndal together...

are more than the sum of the parts. They have the capacity to get a room full of reluctant participants fully engaged in music and arts making.

They have worked supportively and collaboratively on each other’s projects and perform harmoniously – with all meanings of the word!

Together they lead performing street bands: ‘Invy Horn Jam’ and ‘Boomulele’, perform as a duo, deeply discuss community music making, run music camps, present workshops, lead parades and play on the porch!


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